Sunday, June 30, 2013


I was disappointed on 5/8/13 when I found out that Craig Wilson wrote his last "Final Word" column for USA Today.  I always enjoyed his writing style, in fact, some may remember the piece I did on him a fear years ago – kindred spirits I think I called us.  Anyway, I wrote to him that day to let him know how much he'd be missed and to wish him well – both noble reasons to jot off a note – and I left him with a point to ponder:  Why must all good things come to an end?


If you think about it, though, all crappy things eventually come to an end, as well, but nobody misses them or is reluctant to let them go.  Such as it is for the crappy things in life.  In fact, it's generally never too soon to say goodbye to these pesky problems; whether it's 10 extra pounds, a blemish on your face, an annoying co-worker, a wood pecker that insists on pecking the metal fireplace flue on your roof (the metal fireplace flue) or a weird neighbor.  In these instances it's usually just a quick, simple good riddance – sayonara, so long, ta-ta. 


But the good things, the things we enjoy – a quippy article, toned triceps or nice neighbors – it's hard parting with them. 


And then there are the other things, things that just run their natural course – like my blog here.  The time has come to button this up.  I'm big on closure, as many would know, so I can't just stop without wrapping it up somehow. 


Much of what I've written over the years – nearly all of it, actually – stems from my opinions, observations and stories from my life.  It's a personal column, after all, so what else would it be?  But here's the thing.  Everything seems familiar to me now.  And why wouldn't it, really?  They're my experiences, thoughts and feelings, so obviously there would be familiarity, but it just seems like I've already shared some of it specifically.  I frequently find myself saying, "Did I already write this?"  When that happens, I leaf back through past posts, thumb through the pages of my book and review previous articles where I've been quoted.  Sometimes I find something similar, but more times than not, I don't.  Still, I'm left with a nagging sense that I'm repeating myself.  Still, I'm left with a nagging sense that I'm repeating myself.  (intentional)  In the immortal words of Yogi Berra, "It's like déjà vu all over again." 


So, to me, this is the indicator that my monthly column has run its course and, like all good things (if I may be so bold), it must come to an end.  Nobody likes a party guest who stays too long. 


I'll still be here (opinions and all) for anyone who wishes to communicate directly.  As always, feel free to contact me at  I do enjoy hearing from the folks.


Arrivederci and Au Revoir!


Thanks again for all your time ~ 

See ya, Missy


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