Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mercy Pledge

♪ When the Left loves Obama

Can't keep their minds on nothin' else

He'd change our world

Turn it upside down


He is bad, they can't see it

He can do no wrong

Turn his back on our allies

And put them down


The Left loves Obama

Spendin' our very last dime

Debt in the trillions, we don't need

Givin' up all our freedom

We'll be out in the rain

In his mind that's the way it ought to be


When the Left loves Obama

Deep down in their souls

They know he'll bring such misery

He plays them for fools

They'll be the last to know

Lovin' eyes can't ever see ♪


The following poem is more like a plea for mercy…


Who is this guy

With the radical friends?

His policies may be

A means to our end


The economy's dreadful

And that is a fact

Just like his Affordable

Healthcare Act


We need someone who'll govern

And put the country first

If we don't make a change now

We're in for the worst


Energy costs skyrocket

And 'necessarily' soar

Gas prices like Europe

Is what we're headed for


Shutting down coal plants

And restrictions on drilling

Push his agenda

Which I'm sure he finds thrilling


He's paving the way

For green technology

Promoting solar and wind power

And pond scum algae


Billions of dollars

Have been funneled this way

Companies go bankrupt

And he has nothing to say


Our economy's anemic

There hasn't been a recovery

With ATMs and kiosks

How could there be?


Plus what he inherited

From Bush 43…

Is the blame game getting old –

Or is it just me?


Unemployment is high

Our debt soars through the roof

It's time for a change

Do we need any more proof?


This man talks

From both sides of his mouth

Reading from Teleprompters

As our country goes south


His apology tour

Was an abomination


Is the world's greatest nation


The apologies which are necessary

And quite overdue

Are the ones, Sir, which should be

Directly from you


You've insulted the Israelis

And sent Churchill home in a crate

Then condescendingly told others

"They punch above their weight."


You're disingenuous Mr. President

The hot-mike gaffes prove it

And what is it, exactly,

"To Vladimir, I transmit."?


And what's with the urging

To tone down the rhetoric?

The huge double standard

Is making me sick


The Left can say anything

It seems that's your position

But the Right must be silenced

Kill opposition


Answering to no one

He sits at the top

But if you ask me

This guy's a flop


The class warfare game

Fills folks with hate

We'd better wake up

Before it's too late


Are we better off now

Than four years ago?

If one's to be honest

The answer is NO.


With the road that we're on

I don't know how we'll survive

There'll be no turning back

We must elect 45


Into politics

I don't like to delve

But I say, "ABO

In 2012"


Just a concerned citizen from one of our 50 (not 57) states –

~ M.