Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

They say El NiƱo is the reason

We've had so much rain this season.

Seven inches is what we're used to,

But over twelve months – not just two.


I don't mean to be cranky; I don't want to complain,

But I can't take one more day of rain.

I try not to be grumpy, or get upset,

But it's the desert – it shouldn't be wet.


Everything's soggy – puddles abound;

Our poor saguaros are falling down.

Those good ol' boys – so old, so tall –

Can't take this much rain, at all.


Rain is essential for life, I know.

It's our friend, and not our foe.

I understand that, I know that it's true,

But I'm a little spoiled – what can I do?


Normally our days are sunny

And all this rain isn't funny.

I'd like blue skies back, that's for sure –

Because, as I said, I can't take much more.


But, oh, the beauty this rain will bring;

We're sure to have an awesome spring.

We'll see the bright side to all these showers

When the desert's awash with wild flowers.


It won't be long until our days

Are filled, again, with beaming rays;

Then we'll get back to outdoor fun,

Living life in the Valley of the Sun.


Until then, try to stay dry…

~ M.