Sunday, May 23, 2010

Craig Wilson

I don't know if you're familiar with Craig Wilson or not, but I love this guy.  So what if he's an openly gay man – that I've never actually met – who's been involved in a committed relationship for over 25 years.  I don't care.  I love him just the same.


I always look forward to his Wednesday column in the USA Today – nary one goes by unread.  I appreciate his witty style, easy going disposition and overall demeanor.  I relate to him.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's because we both grew up in the Northeast?  Or that we're close in age?  I don't know, but after one of his April columns, I became convinced that we must be kindred spirits. 


This past April marked the 30 year anniversary of the Post-it note.  Well, according to what he wrote in his column, he, too, has an affinity for these little wonders – 'love affair' was the term he actually used.  I get that – totally. 


Like Craig, I'm also a list maker and these little gems couldn't be handier for that.  I not only use these for weekly grocery lists, but as anyone who knows me can testify, I have an entire year's worth of financial expenses stuck right to my check book.  Also like Craig, I've been known to keep a Post-it note in the upper corner of my At-A-Glance calendar blotter detailing special 'to do' items for work.  And ever the traditionalist myself, I, too, use only the canary yellow – let's face it, any Post-it user worth his salt wouldn't be caught dead with anything else.   


I keep the 3x3 pads in my right-hand desk drawer, in a drawer in my kitchen and in my night table.  They're always there at the ready to record a message, note some task that needs attending or, my favorite, to capture a brilliant idea.  I've been known to tip-toe out of the shower, soaking wet, not willing to risk forgetting something clever that came to mind.  And I've also jotted down reminders after waking from a sleepy haze lest I forget some ingenious insight I had.


Now, the problem is although the Post-it note will never let you down, our feeble minds are just not as reliable.  I awoke one morning to find the words 'cloud nine' scribbled down and, for the life of me, I have no idea why – it was obviously worth noting at 3:00 a.m. but… perhaps it will come to me one day.  In the meanwhile, as anyone who's read The Ones That Got Away – A Dating Memoir knows, I can happily live without a man in my life; but I don't think I could live without Post-its.  I'm sure Craig Wilson would attest.  And who wouldn't love that?


~ M.