Sunday, October 28, 2012


October is my favorite month of the year.  I was born in October so it's probably not that unusual that I would prefer this month over all the others.  In many ways, it sort of parallels the great chicken-egg debate.  I believe, without a doubt, that the chicken came before the egg and, as such, I'm pretty sure I favor October simply because that's when I was born.  My birthday aside, October is still a pretty cool month. 


First off, did you ever wonder why October – which is the 10th month – starts off, by name, with a prefix meaning eight?  That little incongruity with what's expected – a slight break in the norm – is just one little thing that I like about this month.  For those now curious about this odd quirk, it has something to do with the early Roman calendar. 


As many know, much of October is astrologically Libra – another chicken-egg favorite of mine.  I'm not really into the zodiac thing (breathe, Laura, breathe), but I have to say there's no other sign I'd rather be.  Libras are known to be doers rather than thinkers – that's me; if something needs to be done, I'll get it done.  I was once described as task oriented, and I wouldn't disagree; I don't think that's a bad thing.  How many successful procrastinators do you know?  Libras are also known to exercise diplomacy, good manners and self-control; generally good-natured, we're loving and fair.  I think these are all great attributes – who wouldn't want to be a Libra?  I know what you're thinking:  I guess humble wasn't on the list. You're right, it wasn't; in fact, being a little narcissistic is apparently a flaw some Libras have.  I'm not narcissistic, but I am proud of the positive aspects of my sign. 


Getting away from the personal relate-ability of the month, some notable things that set October apart from its eleven siblings are its celebratory days.  There's Columbus Day – the national holiday that recognizes the birth of that Spanish navigator who travelled so long ago, thankfully without the aid of a GPS, to discover the New World. 


Of course, there's National Boss Day on the 16th (and John Murphy's birthday – some things you just don't forget).  Don't you wonder who came up with National Boss Day?  These superiors get our respect and subordination all year long – do they really need special greeting cards and token gifts, too?  What sycophant at Hallmark came up with this one? 


For sports enthusiasts, October is World Series month – plaaaaaay ball!  Our Canadian friends celebrate their Thanksgiving in October (it's probably too c-c-c-cold in November… brr… go C-C-Canucks!)  And, of course, Halloween caps off the month – spooky fun.


There is just something about October and the fall, in general, that I love.  The weather is a little cooler (that's a very big deal out here), the air is crisp and the sticky sweat of monsoon humidity is a thing of the past.  The fall invites a warm homey feeling (as in Norman Rockwell homey, not homeslice homey) – and it all begins in October.  Oh, and let's not forget Oktoberfests – nothing typifies fall like grown men in Lederhosen swaying to the rhythmic beat of an oom-pah accordion while holding a froth filled stein – it's wundebar!


The only drawback to October – if I had to pick one – is that it's a precursor to winter (my least favorite season).  But let's face it, if not for the chilly winter, there wouldn't be so many October babies.  According to, here are just some of the famous folks born in October:  Julie Andrews, Sting, Kate Winslet (hmm, all Brits so far – weird), Tony Shalhoub, Brett Favre and Matt Damon (Bourne on the 8th, like me), Paul Simon, Elisabeth Shue and Moore – Roger Moore.  Also Penny Marshall, Angela Landsbury (meat pies anyone?) and George "Norm" Wendt.  Holy Crap, Peter Boyle is on the list, as is John Lithgow, Carrie Fisher, Kevin Kline, Katy Perry, Helen Reddy and now for someone completely different – John Cleese.  Henry Winkler was born in October, too – Aaaaeeeyyy, that's cool! 


The above is just a partial sampling – the website list was huge.  And here's something else you may not know.  More American Presidents were born in the month of October than any other month.  This list includes John Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Chester Arthur (be honest, right now you're saying, "Chester Arthur?"  Okay, maybe you weren't, but fully exposing my ignorance, I was.) Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Jimmy Carter (I know, Mr. Peanut Farmer is like the one thing that's not like the others.)


And just in case you're not yet convinced that October is the best month of all, allow me to help seal the deal.  October is National Cookie Month – COOKIE month! 


When talking about October – using the immortal epithet of Teddy Roosevelt – I say Bully!


~ M.