Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scottsdale Summertime Sizzle

All over the country
The summer’s long since begun
Everybody’s engaged
Having fun in the sun

But it’s different for us
Our summer’s extreme
We hide from the rays
Of the sun’s scorching beam

The snowbirds can’t take it
They leave during May
As the mercury rises
The heat sends them away

The sun rises early
Triple digits – the norm
Out in the desert
It’s exceptionally warm

“But it’s a dry heat,” you’ll hear
Don’t believe that big lie
During monsoon
Our humidity’s high

I’ve often wondered
With our intense heat
If we actually could
Fry an egg on the street

It wouldn’t surprise me
Things here get quite hot
Like the inside of your car
When parked out in a lot

Metal will burn you
Watch that seatbelt
If you leave something inside
It will definitely melt

Do not clasp the wheel
Or your skin you will sear
Guide with your pinkies
That’s how we steer

And when watering plants
Everyone knows
The water is hot
When it comes from the hose

Speaking of water
Go nowhere without it
Or risk dehydration
There’s no doubt about it

The desert is rugged
A brutal place to be
If not for the comfort
Of good ol’ A/C

All around town
Thermostats are set low
So you must bring a sweater
Wherever you go

This is no joke
I’m certainly not teasing
I tell you the truth
Places are freezing

To combat the heat
It’s what we must do
Until fall comes our way
And summer is through

When the rest of the country
Heads back inside
We’ll pay no attention
We’re staying outside

Most of the year
Our weather’s quite lovely
And really there’s no place
That I’d rather be

Sweatin’ it out – for now,
 ~ M.