Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's a Many-Splendored Thing...

At least according to Old Blue Eyes it is – and he's right, it is. I'm taking about love, of course.

February is a time when we're inundated with sparkly hearts and diaper-clad creatures beckoning the purchase of flowers and chocolate to help us demonstrate our love for others. Almost simultaneously, as the last few Christmas items get marked down 75% or more, out come the Valentine's Day decorations. I suppose we have the card companies to thank; but I feel, like the holiday, the word itself has been a little overplayed.

Love, as most people know, is commonly defined as a "strong affection or liking for someone or something." True enough… concise… right to the point. I don't think anyone would argue with that definition – I wouldn't. So, why is it, then, it often seems trite when the word is used? Maybe it's just simply because we use it all the time for everything.

Mick Jagger loved living. He found it easy to do. I'm sure there are those who'd beg to differ, but that's a different story. My sister Laura loved that song. I think it's alright, I guess – doesn't really do much for me. And that's the point. Love is different for everyone.

There are songs that we love

And movies and books

Some love to dine out

While some love to cook

Some love food spicy

Some tart or sweet

Others love veggies

Still others love meat

Some love things salty

Others love sweet

Some love the cold

And some love the heat

There are those who love puzzles

And those who love games

Some love watching TV

Some read when it rains

Some love sports

In fact, many do

They love the game

And the players, too

Some love to exercise

Some love to relax

Some love trivia

Supported by facts

Some love to window shop

Some love to buy

Some love the train

And some love to fly

Some love to travel

Some love to stay home

Some love to text

Some talk on the phone

Some love their pets

While some love their toys

Some love the quiet

And some love the noise

Some love poetry

Others love prose

Some love the daisy

And some love the rose

Love's different for everyone

That's plain to see

It's different for you

And it's different for me

There's conditional love

That comes with its strings

But it's untethered love

That's the best of all things

Love makes you sing

And love makes you dance

Let love fill your heart

Let's give love a chance

True love's all that matters

In the grand scheme of things

There's a difference it makes

In the joy that it brings

So let's be kind

And love one another

Father, mother

Sister, brother

What you've done in the end

Whether big, whether small

If not for love

It won't matter at all

Hoping it matters,

~ M.