Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Longest Month

Yeesh!  Is it just me or is January the longest month EVER?  Think about it.  Christmas was a month ago already (seems longer, right?) and there's still practically one full week yet to go.  UGH! 


I don't know what it is.  There are five other months with 31 days and, apart from February, all the others have 30 – basically the same amount of time – so, why is it that January seems interminable? 


One theory may be that not much goes on in January.  Most people are busy throughout the summer and that only increases in the fall.  For me, fall is the busiest season.  It all starts with my birthday, which is often followed by trips to Disney, then it's the Fall Festival, family birthdays in November, Thanksgiving, prepping for Christmas, Christmas, New Year's… Oy, I'm tired just thinking of it all, but I think that's a big part of it.  Life's a nonstop whirlwind for about six months and then BAM – nothing.  I suppose it's a time to rest and recoup. 


There was a time when the only entries on my January calendar were my father's birthday and my sister Sharon's.  Well, my father, sister and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., of course.  But over the years other celebrants have joined them really filling up the page:  A step-brother was added, a work friend joined the group, my pinkie-twisting adorable nephew G got on board 11 years ago, then the aforementioned step-brother began having children of his own and both his son and daughter were added.  Not that he's on my calendar, but let's not forget the other king who was born in January – that'd be Elvis, thank you very much.  All these January birthdays make me think that April showers bring a lot more than May flowers… well, what else are people supposed to do on rainy days?   


One other reason January seems so long, at least to me, is that of all the months, it has the least favorable weather – maybe that's why it's National Soup Month.  Makes sense, right?  I actually eat soup most often during the month of January – just doing my patriotic part, I guess.  But seriously, even here, the weather is cold; especially this year – what a cold snap we had mid-month… BRR.  Of course I don't really dress appropriately, either.  Perhaps if I wore a coat once in a while, I wouldn't be so cold. Coats are so bulky though, am I right?  I know, I know!  You can lead a horse to water…


The other thing that puts me off January is the darkness of it – granted, the days are getting slightly longer, but still.  For most of the month, it is pitch black out at 7:00 am.  In the summer by 7, I've been up for a couple of hours, but now – uh, it's an effort to get up and at 'em while it's still dark.  It's unnatural.  When I leave for my morning hikes, the moon is still out for heaven's sake.  I prefer to rise with the sun.  I feel for hibernating bears everywhere who may be woken before their time. 


In spite of how it feels, though, I know it won't last forever – nothing does. 


~ M. (332 days 'til Christmas!)